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Taste from the Palace

OSSO Coffee; It is the coffee brand produced by Köroğlu Limited Company, which was established in Adıyaman in 1959. This coffee has a unique formula consisting of eight blends. As a result of the satisfaction messages from consumers who tasted this flavor, the production capacity and marketing process grew rapidly. First, dealerships were established throughout the country. Today, Osso Kahve has become a flavor brand that is exported to European and Asian countries.

Our Company Profile

Established in 1959 in Adıyaman, Köroğlu Group of Companies has expanded the range of its activities successfully carried out in the jewelry, carpet and food sectors, and added “Osso Ottoman Coffee” production, sales and marketing initiatives to the services it offers to its customers in different fields.

Traditions have been maintained with respect. Köroğlu Group of Companies, which has gone beyond being a family company where the perception of customer satisfaction is kept at the forefront, has reached a corporate structure.

“Osso Osmanlı Kahvesi” is a coffee brand belonging to the Köroğlu Group of Companies, which is known for its unique formula, consisting of 8 different blends produced by our company, and gained a reputation for consumer satisfaction.

Our company first presented its commercial capacity and experience of more than half a century to the domestic markets, and included it in Asian and European countries in its production network in order to meet the increasing demands.